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blogged: - Get Backup Buddy WP Plugin Installed Just $25.00

Get Backup Buddy WP Plugin Installed Just $25.00

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Hi people! I am in need of a little extra cash, so I've decided to offer to install the Backup Buddy plugin on your Wordpress blog for the insanely low price of just $25.00!

I have a developer's license for Backup Buddy..well, the entire Plugin Buddy suite of plugins, actually, which means I am allowed to install legal, licensed copies of Backup Buddy on client sites.

If you bought this plugin through IThemes, it would cost you $75.00, per year, for a license for just 2 sites, and up to $150.00 if you wanted it on more than 2 sites.  That's per year.  If you get it through me, your license will be good as long as mine is, and I keep my license updated.

If you want to purchase Backup Buddy and have it installed on your blog, click this link: 

Order Backup Buddy Now


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